Dessert Menu

With locally-sourced ingredients, please note that Tierra Sur’s dessert menu is subject to change on a regular and ongoing basis. 


Coffee & Donuts

Blueberry and Blue Corn Masa Donut with Lavender Glaze, Blueberry Compote and Coffee Custard

Chocolate-Cherry Semifreddo

Chocolate Wafer Cookie, Tart Cherry Gel, Wine Croquante, Tempered Chocolate, Macerated Cherry, House-Made Whip

Fruit, Sweet Custard and Toast

Grilled Stone Fruit, Blueberry Compote, Hazelnut Crumb, French Toast, Bourbon Caramel, Honey Lavender Anglaise

Frozen Confections

  • Chocolate Custard
  • Vanilla Custard
  • Coffee Custard
  • Blueberry-Lemonade
  • White Peach Raspberry

Specialty Espresso Drinks



Assorted Teas

  • Alpine Berry
  • Peppermint
  • Earl Grey
  • Jasmine Petal
  • Organic Chamomile
  • African Sunset

Dessert Beverages

Herzog Late Harvest White Riesling  Gl $14, Btl $40
Herzog Late Harvest Zinfandel Lodi  Gl $14, Btl $40
Herzog Late Harvest Orange Muscat – Gl $12, Btl $35

Jeunesse Black Muscat – Gl $10, Btl $25
Jeunesse Cabernet Sauvignon – Gl $10, Btl $25
Jeunesse Pink Moscato  Gl $10, Btl $25

Cordials and Cognac

Binyamina Chocolate Liquor  8

Binyamina Amaretto Liqour  8

Walden’s Vodka & Vanilla Liqour  8

Louis Royer V.S.  15

Louis Royer V.S.O.P.  20

Louis Royer X.O.  35